Guidelines and Principles

Guidelines and Principles

The Guidelines and Principles provide legal compliance and best practices information in 12 major areas of nonprofit management: Communication, Evaluation, Financial Management, Fundraising, Governance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Planning, Public Policy & Advocacy, Strategic Alliances, Transparency & Accountability, and Volunteer Management.

The Guidelines and Principles Assessment is free and available to all nonprofits in Nebraska and Iowa.

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FAQ Page

The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) is pleased to offer the Guidelines & Principles program as one of our core services designed to help you identify organizational strengths and challenges and to effectively action plan for the future.

We invite any nonprofit interested in becoming stronger and more efficient to participate in our new and improved Guidelines & Principles assessment– you do not have to be a member organization!* The tool is structured around twelve guiding principles for nonprofits and has recently been streamlined and re-launched. Each section contains legal, essential, and recommended practices for you to assess where your organization falls. Your organization will receive a Guidelines & Principles report of your responses and an overview of best practices to support your organization.

We encourage you to be completely honest with your responses; these results belong to you and your organization. NAM will never share your results with other organizations or funders. Instead, any reporting on the Guidelines & Principles will only be in aggregate, so your organization’s identity will be protected.


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The Playbook:
Keeping Strategic Planning Relevant
w/ Bob Culver
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Should I Care? Scenarios
w/ Terry Ferguson
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Effective Nonprofit Advocacy
w/ Becky Gould
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Office Essentials,
Development Plans, & Ethics
w/ Hillary Nather-Detisch
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World Class IT for Nonprofits
w/ P&L Technology
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w/ Mike McFarlin, CPA
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w/ David Thompson
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w/ Kali Baker
January 27, 2015
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The Guidelines and Principles:

  1. Provide nonprofit organizations with state-specific tools for evaluating regulatory compliance, enhancing strategic planning, and refining operational evaluation.

  2. Support the growth and quality of the sector.

  3. Increase public understanding of the role and contributions of the charitable nonprofit sector in Nebraska & Iowa.

For additional information on the Guidelines & Principles program, please contact:

Rosey Higgs,, 402.557.5800 ext. 4#

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