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Adherence to good organizational practices comes through education & self-regulation. The Guidelines & Principles provide tools for evaluating regulatory compliance.

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The brilliant New York Human Services Council has just released a second funny video about nonprofit-land. (Its first, “Everyone Deserves a Fair Slice,” debuted a year ago.)  In this latest video, a group of nonprofits compete for a mega-donor’s largesse on a reality show titled "The Funder". It is screamingly funny in a dark, painful, and all-too-familiar way.

The cringeworthy shot of one of the alms-seekers telling “The Funder” over drinks about what a great “thought partner” he has become is nothing less than excruciating. The final announcement of the funder’s choice is not to be missed—though you might be able to see it coming.

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We haven't developed the next generation of rural leaders.

We provide in-person, individualized, affordable leadership training for communities and rural organizations to build leaders who use strengths based approaches to engage their teams and transform their communities.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP - The Community Leadership Program is six separate day-long sessions for small groups that includes leadership development, community awareness, a community improvement project, and individual collaboration.

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP - Organizational leadership programs can be two day workshops or quarterly mentoring where we come to you to provide training to your entire leadership team or develop the next generation of leaders.

LEADERSHIP TRANSITIONS - It can be easy to hire a new leader. It is hard to help a new leader get up to speed on what is expected from various stakeholders and improve employee engagement. We work individually with new leaders and their organizations to get them up to speed and help them avoid the land mines that come in new positions.

Visit our website here.  Our blog is here.


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