Community Reports

We are pleased to present nonprofit community reports. These reports are a collaboration between many of our community partners, members and local funders.  

2023 Nebraska Nonprofit Workforce Survey Results
2023 National Nonprofit Workforce Shortage Report

IRS 990 data for all reporting nonprofits in Nebraska and nearby states (August 2023 data)




South Dakota

Nonprofit Impact Matters: How America’s Charitable Nonprofits Strengthen Communities and Improve Lives

We wrote this report for the stakeholders of America’s 1.3 million charitable nonprofits
that enrich the lives of everyone in our country, upholding our nation’s bold ideals and
big-hearted spirit through practical and effective action. Every day.

Annual Salary and Benefit Survey

Every year, NAM, in partnership with nonprofits across the state, gathers information on salaries and benefits provided by nonprofits.  Participation in this survey is voluntary. The results are compiled and available for purchase. This report is a great way to ensure that you are offering competitive wages and benefits and ensure you hire the right people. 

Economic Impact of Nebraska (2019)
Economic Impact of Nebraska (2012)

Nebraska Nonprofits: Essential and Vibrant provides an overview of the role and depth of Nebraska nonprofits. Nonprofits are a critical element of our community.  We are able to offer services that the private sector cannot and partner with government in a more effective way.  These report specifically examines the important work nonprofits do, measuring economic impact, employment, and taxes of the sector. 

Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence in Nebraska and Iowa

The Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence in Nebraska & Iowa are intended to serve as an educational resource to improve the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of charitable organizations.