Executive Transition Toolkit

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A comprehensive toolkit for nonprofits managing or planning their own leadership transition process.

32 pages | 22 templates

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The need for understanding best practices for nonprofit leadership transitions has always been important.  There is inherent risk in executive transition, but there is also tremendous opportunity for reflection, change, and organizational growth.  Well-planned and considered leadership transitions can result in significantly stronger organizations.  This Mission-Driven Executive Transition Toolkit is designed to give small to mid-sized organizations everything they need to design a well thought out process to search for and hire an Executive Director/CEO who fits the current and future leadership needs of the organization.

This tool includes an easy-to-follow 32-page document that walks nonprofit boards through the Leadership Transition process, whether planned or not, through three phases of executive transitions management:

  1. Prepare: Sharpen strategic direction and assess strengths, opportunities, and risks.
  2. Search: Identify and hire a new chief executive, while also stabilizing the organization in preparation for a new leader.
  3. Thrive: Support the new leader to get off to a good start.

This resource includes comprehensive information that outlines best practices for leadership transitions with 22 templates included, to make this process a little less complicated.


List of templates and samples in the toolkit:

Transition Workplan Template

Sample Guiding Principles for Managing Executive Transition   

Departure Communications Checklist Template

Transition Budget Template

Sample Position Profile + Announcement

Sample Executive Director Job Descriptions

Job Posting Template + Sample

Compensation Plan Template

Search Opening Announcement Template

Sample Candidate Correspondence

Candidate Tracking Sheet Template

Sample Interview Agendas + Questions

Sample Interview Scoring Sheet

Sample Agenda for Finalists

Sample Reference Checking Agenda

Sample Board Recommendation

Offer Letter Template

New Hire Communications Checklist Template

Sample New Hire Press Release

Search Process Summary Template

New Executive Integration Checklist Template

Key Contacts List Template