NAM Networking Groups

Nonprofit Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer Network (members only)

This group is for EDs and CEOs (or the top leadership position at the nonprofit) only.  It can be lonely at the top, and this group is an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to connect.  The group provides a chance to discuss, brainstorm and problem solve different topics with other EDs.  We also have an online group so you can stay connected beyond our once a month face-to-face meetings. 

Nonprofit Board Member Network

Coming Late 2024! 

Nonprofit Human Resources Network (members only)

This group is for those working in Human Resources, or those nonprofit leaders who want to learn more about nonprofit HR.  This group offers you the chance to discuss relevant human resource topics from a nonprofit perspective with others in the nonprofit community. There is a mix of skill levels present, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities.

Nonprofit BIPOC Network

As this forum grows and flourishes, we hope to understand how NAM can best support BIPOC leaders now and in the future. Open to NAM members and not-yet NAM members that are in a leadership position in the nonprofit sector. 

Nonprofit Policy & Advocacy Network

Coming Late 2024! This group is for nonprofit policy leaders

To be added to any of the groups (if eligible), members may contact us.