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 Human Resources Management Series

Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results. As a part of doing business, nonprofit organizations must be aware of and adhere to all legal employment requirements, exercise fair and equitable HR practices that attract and retain qualified individuals and provide a safe work environment. The Squeaky Clean HR Series will help nonprofit leaders and HR staff to provide a safe, welcoming, and productive work environment while protecting their employees and their organization from harmful and illegal practices.

2019 Series Overview

  • May 31st, 11:30 – 12:30pm (webinar) How to Interview and On-board Successfully

    You’ve selected your candidates and prepared your interview questions. Now it’s time to interview and make your next great hire! Learn effective interview techniques to identify the best candidate, then explore how to bring a new person into your organization’s fold. This workshop will examine best practices for ensuring a successful start for your new employee as well as relevant legal compliance issues.

  • June 21st, 9am – 11am (NAM Office): Bullying in the Workplace

    Thought you left the mean kids behind when you graduated from High School? Bullying in the Workplace is an emerging issue that is being examined by employees and employers.  During this session you will be presented information on what constitutes Bullying and how it adversely affects the workplace with lost productivity and engagement of employees.  Lastly, how to engage your senior leadership to engage and educate your workforce will be shared.

  • September 27th, 11:30 – 12:30pm (Webinar): Performance Management

    You've hired them and now they're on the job.  How do you ensure employees are doing their best work?  Formal employee appraisals are only a small part of the incentive to increase performance. Performance management is an everyday process and the biggest part of a manager's job in meeting the organization's goals. Learn to use the six-step performance management process on an everyday basis to manage your employee’s talents and expertise to meet your team and organizational goals.

  • October 18th, 9am – 11am (NAM Office): Trends in Compensation and Benefits

    This workshop focuses on up-and-coming trends in benefits and compensation in nonprofit organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to explore emerging issues and creative benefits offered, many that are low cost. The webinar will cover the following topics related to compensation trends:
         • Where is the market heading with merit pay?
         • Identifying an organization’s compensation philosophy
                  - Does the organization lead, align or lag?
         • How is employee performance measured to compensation?
                  - Are employees rewarded based on performance?
                  - If rewards are based on performance, is there a line of sight approach
                    taken with the reward? Does the employee clearly understand how his/her
                    work performance will result in compensation?
         • Using incentive plans to drive results
                  - Ensuring that incentive programs align with strategic goals of the organization
                  - Using incentive programs to drive the right kinds of behavior
         • Paying for talent
                  - Nonprofit does not mean free talent
                  - How agencies can position themselves to compete with for
                    profit organizations
         • What perks can be provided to employees that are as valuable as compensation?

  • December 6th, 9am – 11am (NAM Office): Managing Up

    In this session, you’ll learn tools to help you work with your boss in a way that produces the best possible results for your organization AND reduce your stress level at the same time. Set yourself up for success by learning how to align with your boss on expectations, communication, and accountability.


Webinars: $10 per person

NAM Office: $35 for NAM or HRAM members; $70 for not-yet members.

To register, click the link(s) above and sign-in if you are a NAM member to receive discounted pricing.