Dirty, Sexy Money: Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals
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 Financial Management Training Series

Nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources. Nonprofits must comply with all legal requirements related to financial matters. They should adhere to sound accounting principles that ensure fiscal responsibility and build public trust. Nonprofits should use their financial resources to accomplish their missions in an effective, efficient manner and should establish clear policies and practices to regularly monitor how funds are used. - Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence


2019 Series Overview

  • Financial Reporting Update for 2019 - January 25th, 12pm – 1pm (Lunch provided)

    Participants will learn about changes in revenue recognition, presentation of financial statements, lease accounting changes and more. Through lecture and hands-on practice, you’ll walk away with knowledge you can use right away.

    Presenter: Justin Frauendorfer, Bland & Associates

  • 990's for Beginners - February 19th, 8:30 – 10:30am

    Ever do that thing where you pretend to understand something, but you don’t? Your organization’s 990 is not the place to do that. Come get answers to all the questions about your 990 that you were too afraid to ask. You’ll walk away from this training with a solid understanding of Form 990 and be ready to dive in!

    Presenter: Jerry O’Doherty, Seim Johnson

  • Federal Tax Law Changes - March 1st, 9am – 11am

    Back by popular demand! The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that became effective on January 1, 2018 created significant tax law changes that affect tax exempt organizations. The IRS has not yet provided much guidance on many facets of these new changes. Specifically, the new law treats certain expenses associated with transportation benefits provided to employees as unrelated business income that may need to be reported to the IRS by nonprofit employers and taxed at the new 21% corporate tax rate. 

    Presenters:  Brandon Dickerson, Like Meyerson Hatch LLC and Lorraine Egger, KPMG

  • Key Terminology
  • Classification of costs--Direct and Indirect
  • Allowable and Unallowable Costs
  • Cost Allocation Methodologies
  • Determining Program Unit Costs
  • Indirect Cost Rate Methodologies
  • Indirect Cost Reimbursement Requirements
  • Calculating Indirect Cost Rates

  • Presenter: Beth Bowsky, National Council of Nonprofits

  • IRS Form 990 (201) A Deeper Dive - July 11, 9 - 10am

    It isn't sexy, but it's necessary! The Form 990: sometimes a simple postcard and other times a long, intimidating form that all nonprofits are required to file on an annual basis. Learn how to review a Form 990 so you can ensure the IRS form prepared for your organization accurately reflects your operations.

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be held in the NAM Training Room (Omaha).

Still to come in 2019:

  • Effective Finance Committees