Dirty, Sexy Money: Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals
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 Financial Management Training Series

Nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources. Nonprofits must comply with all legal requirements related to financial matters. They should adhere to sound accounting principles that ensure fiscal responsibility and build public trust. Nonprofits should use their financial resources to accomplish their missions in an effective, efficient manner and should establish clear policies and practices to regularly monitor how funds are used. - Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence


2018 Series Dates

 Series Overview

Fraud Prevention (...or a checklist a day keeps the Attorney General away)

Developing good internal controls is a key component of effective fiscal management. Learn how to develop good internal controls to deter fraud and improve accountability. Learn the ins-and- outs of nonprofit audits and how to work with an auditor. The session will bring together the viewpoints of both the auditor and the financial manager.

Presenters:  Jerry O'Doherty Seim Johnson and Anne Hindery, NAM

September 25, 2018 (Tuesday)

IRS Form 990

The Form 990: sometimes a simple postcard and other times a long, intimidating form that all nonprofits are required to file on an annual basis.  Learn how to review a Form 990 so you can ensure the IRS form prepared for your organization accurately reflects your operations. 

Presenter:  Donald Neal, KPMG

October 3, 2018 (Wednesday)

QuickBooks Full Day Workshop

Your accounting software is the key to recording and classifying revenue and expenses, tracking grants, and producing financial reports for your finance committee and board, the IRS and auditors. Lunch is included in this hands-on training.

Presenter:  Ali Malloy 

Omaha October 12 (Friday)

Federal Tax Law Taxes Tax-Exempt Organizations without Clear Guidance

The Federal tax law enacted in December and took effect in January 2018 creates many changes and lacks clear guidance on compliance.  Many nonprofits are already required to make estimated tax payments based on this new tax law that is largely indecipherable. Among other things, the Bill imposes a 21% tax on all kinds of nonprofits – including churches – for providing employee transportation benefits. 

Presenters:  Brandon Dickerson, Like Meyerson Hatch LLC and Lorraine Egger, KPMG

October 23, 2018 (Tuesday)

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Update 2016-14

For nonprofit accountants and financial staff, this is a must attend training. New accounting and reporting updates are fast approaching, including one standard that focuses on the presentation of financial statements for nonprofits that will have significant impact on how nonprofit organizations report under GAAP.  

Presenters: Bryan Broekemier and Brad Yoder, Hayes and Associates

November 6th (Tuesday) (election day)