The Catalyst Award nomination form

2019 Catalyst Award

CATALYSTan agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. Something which incites activity. SYN: agitator, impetus, driver.


What is the Catalyst Award?

NAM strengthens the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofit organizations to enrich the quality of community life throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. By connecting organizations with information, education, and advocacy, we help members focus their energy on the people and communities they serve. The Catalyst Award recognizes individuals or organizations that inspire and drive excellence in the nonprofit sector. Think...

  • What organizations inspire and support others to do and be better?
  • What organizations are committed to ongoing excellence?
  •  What organizations have found innovative approaches to enhance their operations?
  • Who has found a new solution to an old problem?

Nominate up to three (3) organizations who you think meet the definition of a catalyst!  


Selection Criteria:

  • Nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive the Catalyst Award. Individuals are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations from within the organization are accepted and encouraged.
  • Nominees must be based in Nebraska or Western Iowa.
  • Nominees do not need to be a NAM member to be considered.
  • Nominees must use the Guidelines and Principles for Nonprofit Excellence.


Nomination & Selection Process:

Part One – Nomination

Tell us why your favorite organization is a Catalyst using the online form below. Before starting your nomination, prepare the following information: 

1)    Name of organization being nominated:

2)    Name & email address of nominator:

3)    Nominator’s affiliation to nominee:

4)    What impact has this organization had on their community &/or the nonprofit sector? Be as specific as you can. 

5)    What can others learn from the nominee?

6)    Provide links to websites, social media, news articles, or any other information you would like to be considered as a part of your nomination.

7)    To your knowledge, are representatives from the nominated organization able to attend the Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands on November 7, 2019 to recieve their award?

The deadline to submit nominations is September 6


Part 2 - Nominee Response

After confirming their eligibility, NAM will inform the nominees of their nominations. Nominees will be asked to illustrate their commitment to nonprofit excellence through responding to a series of questions. 


Selection Process:

Catalyst Award winners are selected by the Catalyst Award Committee, a group of volunteers who are leaders in the nonprofit sector. The Award Committee bases its decision on the written narrative you provide. Supplemental materials will neither be considered nor returned.  For multiple nominations, please complete this form again. 


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