Employee Assistance Program

The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands has teamed up with Best Care EAP to provide its members a cost-effective option for a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program.

The NAM Member
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Best Care EAP has designed a comprehensive service package specifically designed for NAM Member organizations - regardless of size or location! Call (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182 for information.  Download THIS FORM to enroll.

Services include:

  • Confidential counseling - Up to five (5) counseling sessions per unique case, for the employee and his/her family members.  Best Care EAP Counseling Services shall be facilitated by counselors who hold a Master’s degree in counseling, social work, or another human service-related field, and maintain state licensure to practice mental health counseling in each of their respective states.
  • Best Care EAP-hosted Management, Personal Well-being and Workplace training opportunities such as: personal finance, nutrition, attitude, time management, work/life balance, substance abuse in the workplace, managing conflict, stopping negativity, dealing with change, teambuilding, communication, diversity, personality styles, preventing compassion fatigue, preventing sexual harassment, etc.
  • NAM Member EAP website with specifics on program details and unlimited access to articles, resources, forms and over 40 pre-recorded training webinars on the topics listed above.  
  • Access to more than 10 different Leadership/Management Bootcamps at the client-preferred rate offered throughout the year.

2020 Pricing - a $500 annual admin fee per organization plus the fee per employee per year (below).  The fee below is based on the total number of NAM member employees enrolled, i.e., more NAM members enrolling results in a lower fee for all participants.  The annual enrollment date is July 1st, but NAM members may join the EAP at anytime during the year.

For example, if your organization has 10 employees, your annual fee would be $500 + (10 employees x $27.50) = $775.


About Best Care EAP

Life is complicated. Employees can be physically at work, but their thoughts are miles away. With Best Care EAP as a business partner, you can provide support to help employees focus on their jobs when problems in their personal lives get overwhelming.  From on-site support and training to individual counseling, Best Care EAP supports you and your employees. 

Flexible training formats - Our training programs are available online and in person. Your employees have access to pre-recorded webinars 24 hours a day.

Counseling for a wide variety of issues, concerns and stressors - Our licensed counselors provide one-on-one, couple, and family counseling close to your work or home, statewide.

Professional help coping with a critical situation - For over 40 years we have provided immediate support for our members during times of crisis. Whether caused by an unexpected injury or death, crime, or environmental impact, Best Care EAP is available to you and your employees with immediate support following a critical incident.

If you are interested in learning more about Best Care EAP or have questions about our services, please contact us or call (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182.


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