WhistleBlower Hotline
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A Whistleblower Hotline is the single most effective means of receiving tips leading to the detection of fraud! Hayes & Associates, L.L.C. is proud to provide organizations with an excellent tool to assist in their effort to both prevent and detect fraud

Misuse of company property

Financial statement fraud

Misconduct or other ethical violations

Violation of company policy

Conflicts of interest

Misappropriations or embezzlement


Accounting omissions or misrepresentations

Theft of inventory or other assets

Bribery or kickbacks

Identity theft

Internal control issues

What we offer is peace of mind...have you conducted fraud awareness training for your employees?
• In 92% of cases there were one or more red flags that the perpetrator displayed!

NAM has partnered with Hayes and Associates to offer a cost-effective hotline for your organization.  For more information, please contact Bryan Broekemier, CPA, CFE, 402-390-2480