Salary & Benefit Survey Solicitation
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Improvement #1) If you participated in the Salary & Benefits Survey last year, we have imported your data, so you will only need to make updates rather than start from scratch.

Improvement #2) After this year, the full Salary & Benefits Survey will only come out every two years. An abbreviated survey will be made available every other year to solicit salary and benefit changes only.

The Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey helps your organization understand trends, attract the best talent, and better manage your human capital. As an added bonus, organizations contributing to the survey receive a discount.

Please complete the survey by end of day May 16.

You Have Questions
"HOW do I know what is fair to pay my employees?"
"WHO offers health insurance and what is the avg. employer/employee share?"
"WHERE do nonprofits get their sources of revenue?"
"WHEN are employees vested in their retirement plans?"
"HOW can I make sure our benefits package is competitive?"
Your Feedback is Essential
Provide your data by May 16 and we'll analyze the results to give you answers.
Preview a PDF copy of the online survey to ensure you have all necessary information before getting started.

You may also find the Job Descriptions PDF helpful as you prepare. 

Survey participants are eligible to purchase
the final report at a discount.
Please complete by Friday, April 18th.

If you have any questions about, or technical issues, with the survey, contact
Daniel Walsh at

Improvements to the Survey
Fresh interface
Intuitive survey logic
Reliability - responses are saved on the server on a page-by-page basis (or anytime you click the save button) rather than in temporary cookies on your computer.
Flexibility - you can complete the survey in multiple sessions and from different computers.
Security - information is transmitted over a secure SSL connection.