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2014 was a sweeping year of health care reform, and brought many new requirements such as the Individual Mandate and new taxes and fees and the first year of Community Rating.  These new requirements had effects on employers in the nonprofit sector. 

Our insurance partner, The Harry A. Koch Co., addressed these changes for the NAM Health Insurance Trust, and created a new program with a new name to take us through the next ten years.

The NAM Benefit Connection

The NAM Benefit Connection is a private exchange, technology-driven format for delivering benefit solutions to your employee benefit programs.  Although this technology was started as a complete HR Technology Solution for managing employee enrollments, changes and varied contribution levels by the employer, it has evolved into a complete HR communication tool.  It even has decision logic to aid employees in choosing their medical plan!

The NAM Insurance programs, began in 2003, are now delivered through this technology.  Even with the changes, the program’s original goals remain the same:

  • Preferred Purchasing Alliance
  • Pooling of Renewal (Stability)
  • Composite Rates (no age tables or gender differences)
  •  Preferred Pool of Nonprofit Employers

In addition to all of the above, new benefits for the program emerged:

  • Easier Administration
  • Same Carriers
  • New financing options to reduce the impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

All of the options and services remain, including the same support and customer service teams!  The combined impact of the 2014 renewal averaged 3% for Medical plans, 2.5% for Dental plans and 0% increase for the ancillary coverages (Life and Disability plans).

What Changed?

One of the provisions of ACA, the Community Rating requirement, meant employers with 2 to 50 employees were placed into a new rating requirement by the insurance carriers, which did not allow for the discounts that were previously experienced.  We therefore created two self-insured medical programs for employers with 10 or more enrolled employees.  These new programs are self-funded, but are designed appropriately for your group size because self-funded plans are exempt from community rating.

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About Harry A. Koch Company—

  • Specializes in nonprofit insurance; special relationships with insurance carriers—  
  • Locally owned, founded in 1916—  
  • Full service agency 

What’s available for your nonprofit business?

  • Medical
  • Directors & Officers
  • Dental
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Vision
  • Property
  • Life
  • Disability           


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