Community Compass
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 The Midlands Community Compass - your guide to nonprofit data in Nebraska and Western Iowa


Community initiatives require a range of resources: knowledge about local needs and resources; knowledge about what sorts of programs work; local leadership; a vision of how nonprofits can work better together and with their local communities; and the financial, human and social capital to sustain the work. The Community Compass can contribute in a number of ways. 

The Community Compass provides quick facts and deeper information on community programs, assets and deficits for planning and needs assessments by organizations, government and public users. It includes a range of tools to facilitate this type of work: 

  • Describe, classify and map community program and resources 
  • Think after-school programs serving a particular neighborhood 
  • Includes census and other demographic and economic neighborhood-based data that can readily assess community needs and resources such as poverty levels, affordable housing, educational attainment, and other indicators down to the neighborhood level in relationship to nonprofit and community resources 
  • Ability for nonprofits to update and enrich information 
  • Update program information, share resources, organize & manage community-building projects 

In addition, the Community Compass allows users to use these tools:

  • Community Maps and Inventory
  • Financial Analyzer
  • Shared Goods and Services Tool
  • Program and Service-Delivery Area Mapping
  • Our Schools Module
  • Outcome Measurement
  • Knowledge Base
  • Community Planning & Analysis
  • Community Project Management Tools



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