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NAM Online Learning Courses

Guidelines & Principles Overview
Guidelines & Principles  Access Guide
Communications Communications Strategy video
Social Media 101 for Nonprofits
Choosing a Mass Email System
Evaluation Logic Models 101
Theory of Change 101
SWOT Analysis 101
Community Needs Assessment 101
Financial Management Building Your Next Normal Financial Toolkit
IRS Form 990s for Beginners
IRS Form 990 A Deeper Dive
Essentials of Financial Management
Fundraising 2020 Grant Writing Palooza
Charitable Solicitation Registration
Fundraising Essentials and Ethics
Grant Budgets and Management webinar
Governance Governance seminar
Taking Board Minutes 101
Human Resources Best Practices for Interviews
Performance Management
Performance Management webinar
Improving Your Hiring Practices
Ensuring WFH Guidelines Focus on Equity and Fairness
Student Loan Debt webinar
Information Technology IT on a Budget video
IT Disaster Recovery Plan
Planning The Planning Playbook video
Strategic Planning Steps 101
Nonprofit Advocacy Effective Nonprofit Advocacy video
Strategic Alliances video
Transparency & Accountability What is accountability?
Midlands Community Compass overview
Volunteer Management Volunteer Handbooks
Volunteer Planning 101
NAM Benefits New Member Orientation
Live Event Recordings COVID-19 3-part webinar, June/July 2020
2020 Nebraska Nonprofit Conference
Current as of: Sept 14, 2020

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