Membership Investment
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For Nonprofit Organizations (click on the blue title link to join online)

Nonprofit Organizations
Choose this type of membership if you are the designated representative for a Nebraska or Iowa nonprofit or private foundation. Please register the primary contact for your organization using this membership. If you are a statewide organization, please see this notice.  [Staff and board of member organizations:  please register using the NONPROFIT STAFF MEMBERS link below.]

Annual Budget* Annual Membership Investment
Under $49,999 $50
$50,000-$99,999  $95
$100,000 - $199,999 $185
$200,000- $499,999 $275
$500,000- $999,999 $500
$1,000,000- $4,999,999 $650
$5,000,000 - $9,999,999 $850
$10,000,000+ $1000


Nonprofit Staff Members
Choose this membership if your organization is already a member.  You will not be responsible for any dues, but will gain access to the all benefits via your organization.

For Individuals

Sustaining Members
Select this membership if you are passionate about supporting the nonprofit sector and becoming more involved with nonprofits.  Sustaining Members have access to our e-mails and announcements, and are welcome to attend all free NAM community networking events.  Individual Sustaining Members receive membership discounts on select products and events.

 Membership Annual Dues Amount
 Sustaining Member  $35


Student Members

Choose this membership if you are enrolled in a college or university and pursuing a professional degree.  Individual Student Members receive discounts on training sessions.

 Membership Annual Dues Amount
 Student Member     $25


For Community Partners

Business Partners
Choose this membership if you are a business providing services to the nonprofit sector.  Business Partnership benefits can be found here:

Partnership Level Annual Dues Amount
Business Level 1 $650
Business Level 2 $250
Individual/Consultant $150


By joining NAM you consent to being placed on our email list for upcoming training, events, action alerts and other NAM-approved electronic communication.  NAM may at times use your organization's name and logo on our social media sites.  This is done in an effort to promote your organization and the nonprofit community at large.

*Please refer to Part I, line 12 of the most current 990, Part I, line 9 of the 990EZ, or Part I, line 12(a) of the 990-PF.