CU@Work Program

NAM members are now entitled to use the Centris Federal Credit Union's "CU @ Work" program to benefit their nonprofit employees' financial wellness.  

This personal financial literacy program is a great part of an organizational wellness program.  

Studies have shown that worry over money issues is a primary source of stress, causes physical health problems and often leads to a loss of productivity. Centris Federal Credit Union's CU @ Work Program helps employers boost their company's productivity by helping their employees confidently manage their personal finances.

CU @ Work is a FREE program, that gives your employees the option of credit union membership along with the services and tools to help them better manage their money and achieve greater financial success. A credit union is one of the most popular "value-added benefits" you can offer your employees.

Centris CU@Work details and contact information

Centris CU@Work coupon book


Thanks Centris...what a GREAT resource for nonprofit employees!!