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Red Basket - thanks for renewing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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We want to help

We know there are people who feel the same way – we want to do what we can to help someone in need. We like to compare this to a barn raising. Here in the Midwest, friends and neighbors used to come together and literally build a barn from scratch in a day. When everybody does their part, miracles can happen and lives are changed.

Benefiting donors, too

Red Basket is a non-profit organization that allows individuals to donate time or money directly to people or projects that need help. Think of all the spaghetti feeds or “pass the hat” fundraisers you've been to. All of them are worthy causes, but you don't get a tax-deductible donation from it. With Red Basket, not only do the people who need help get access to a larger audience than the typical church basement, donors get a benefit, too.

1700 Farnam St
Omaha, Nebraska
Call (877) 969-7378