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Expense Reduction Analysts - thanks for being a NAM Business Partner!

Friday, October 7, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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Expense Reduction Analysts - North America

Expense Reduction Analysts, or ERA, is an international consultancy that specializes in cost reduction for organizations. Focusing on non-core and G&A expenses, ERA consultants help organizations save money without compromising service levels or quality. With these savings, ERA clients use the cash flow for other purposes…for example, reinvesting in the organization, improving the balance sheet. Since 1992, ERA has saved organizations worldwide more than $1.7 billion. Working on a success-based fee structure, ERA consultants have saved clients an average of 20% in more than 40 expense categories…for example, freight, telecommunications, insurance, office supplies, waste management and document storage.

In essence, ERA assists medium to large companies, government agencies and nonprofits reduce expenses by identifying and implementing procurement strategies and associated cost reduction techniques. ERA's team helps companies unlock extra cash flow by leveraging supplier insider knowledge across multiple cost categories. ERA works with CEOs and CFOs who realize they might be leaving money on the table with some of their vendors but don’t know how much, where it might be, what it would take to get it or if it’s even worth chasing.

• Cost Reduction
• Coal Sales, Procurement, Logistics
• International Experience
• Strategy Formulation, Execution
• New Business Development, Sales
• M&A, Corporate Development
• M&A Integration
• Risk Management
• Rate Cases
• Operations Management