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Friendship Home of Lincoln - thanks for renewing!

Thursday, June 9, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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Friendship Home 

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mother and her babyFriendship Home exists to support, shelter and advocate for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Friendship Home Seeks To:

  • Provide a continuum of safe, confidential shelter options—from emergency shelter through transitional shelter.
  • Provide a rich array of crisis intervention services, case management and emotional support to those we shelter as well as those who are waiting for shelter; helping them to rebuild their lives, free from fear.

Address the many complexities and barriers associated with domestic violence and sexual assault on an individual level as well as a community systems level.

  • Continue to reach out to survivors through individual advocacy, emergency case management and support groups after they leave shelter, offering an environment where survivors feel welcome and are encouraged to share their stories and their wisdom with others.


It is Friendship Home’s vision that someday the need for our services will cease to exist, that domestic violence will not be tolerated by anyone in the community and that homes will be places of love, support and safety.

We envision a community that embraces any woman or child who experiences domestic violence. We foresee a society that courageously holds abusers accountable for the crimes they commit against battered women.

We see Friendship Home as a haven of warmth and welcome, new beginnings and empowerment for the women and children who find shelter within our walls. Through unconditional acceptance and respect for the journey a battered woman has taken, Friendship Home supports her providing the assistance she needs to help accomplish her goals.

Our vision is that children, who have seen and experienced far more than their short years should demand, are able to love, laugh and recapture the childhood that was taken from them too early. Our goal for them is to break the cycle of violence and surround them with lessons of hope, understanding and acceptance.

As we reach toward this vision, we aspire to be known throughout the country as a successful model. We hope to propel domestic violence services to new heights of achievement.


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The hopes, dreams, fears and concerns of the women and children we serve are valued at Friendship Home. As women explore their newly found freedom, our job is to listen and help discover the next steps on their journeys.


We value an environment that enables victims of domestic violence to understand their strengths and individual power. To do this, we creatively adapt programs and services to meet each individual’s unique needs.


Friendship Home believes that we are not powerless against violence and that breaking the cycle of violence is possible. In order to achieve this, the community must hold batterers accountable for the crimes they commit against their victims.


We support the personal connections and meaningful relationships between battered women and the people who care about them. We value the unique relationship between parent and child and embrace families in shelter with loving support.


No woman or child should live in fear of domestic violence. We respect every woman’s privacy, and ensure the stories and information she shares with us is completely confidential. We strive to make it possible for her to pursue her aspirations without intimidation, violence or control.


Friendship Home values the joint efforts of a community that pools resources, talents and ideas to help victims of domestic violence. We also work to change attitudes and stigmas attached to domestic violence so victims can rebuild their lives in a supportive environment.