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HEALing Embrace - thanks for joining NAM!

Thursday, March 10, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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HEALing Embrace – Helping Everyone After Loss

Who We Are

foundersHEALing Embrace was founded by Jennifer Sommer and Shawna Hoffman. The two met at a support group for bereaved parents. They quickly became friends and their combined passion to help families who suffer pregnancy and infant loss stirred their desire to work together to start HEALing Embrace and raise awareness in the Omaha area.

While each grief journey is unique and healing comes in many different forms, we believe that four cornerstones of support – assisting with funeral expenses, medical expenses, grief counseling, and postpartum care – can provide some portion of invaluable healing for each person’s journey. The families will simply need to apply for the area(s) for which they are seeking assistance. Upon approval, the money will be paid to the business providing the service to the family.

HEALing Embrace is a designated fund that seeks to help families who have suffered the loss of a baby through pregnancy or infant loss. An estimated one in four women will experience a miscarriage, and each day 71 mothers give birth to a sleeping baby. In addition to the normal expenses of birth, bereaved families face expenses for funeral services and grief counseling, and may require in-home postpartum assistance. HEALing Embrace helps families with financial burdens so they can focus on healing, not the stress of unexpected bills. An additional goal of HEALing Embrace is to raise awareness regarding pregnancy and infant loss, as well as introduce peers in our community who can support each other as they continue to grieve and heal. Ultimately, we strive to make those who have lost the newest members of their family feel validated and understood during the most difficult journey they will ever have to walk.