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Driver/Staff Support

Organization: Intercultural Senior Center
Date Posted: 6/18/2019
Date Needed: 6/27/2019
City: Omaha
Location: Nebraska
Country: United States
Primary Category: Non-Profit
Type of Position: Full-Time
Education Requirement: High School / GED
Experience Requirement: 3-5 years

Description & Details

Driver / Staff Support

Report to Executive Director / Social Services Director

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Full Time)

Salary: based on experience  
Job Description 
The main responsibility of this position is to transport seniors from their homes to the center in the morning and back to their homes at the end of the day. 

Driver will provide physical assistance to every senior who gets in and out of the vehicle to ensure passenger safety. Especially fragile passengers using canes, wheelchairs and walkers. 

Work closely with other ISC drivers for planning and scheduling routes daily and be flexible to constant changes. 

Candidate must assist with programming (ESL and literacy classes, arts and crafts, various activities, special events, outings and any other support as needed). 

Participate in basic trainings to ensure excellent customer services, must have good communication skills, demonstrate respect, patience and care for senior and coworkers. 

Duties and Responsibilities

• Inspects vehicle prior to operation for safety compliance. Report any problems or equipment malfunctions as soon as identified.

• Maintain clean interior and exterior of the vehicle, check for windshield fluids, keep track of the schedule of oil changes, ensure good headlight, and enough fuel.

• Maintain a First Kit Aid with basic and necessary supplies. 

• Report any accidents or incidents to the social services department as soon as it happens and file a report. 

• Complete weekly and monthly reports and monitor daily attendance.

• Assist with classes, activities and meal program, and other duties as assigned.

• Assist with the coordination of the monthly food pantry and other donation received. 

• Participate and be part of outreach opportunities.

• Work occasional evenings or weekends upon needs of the organization for special events.

• Depending on skills set, other duties will be assigned as needed. 

Job Qualifications

• Requires valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

• Must have 3 to 5 years of driving experience

• Must have the ability to drive on highways and understand state laws.

• Must have High School diploma. Post High School education is a plus.

• Must follow ISC safety policies and procedures.

• Must have the capacity to understand and work with the diverse aging population.

• Must be culturally competent.

• Second language preferred but not necessary. 

• Requires proficient reading and writing skills and strong communication skills.

• Must be able to work independently and complete assigned responsibilities in a timely manner. 

• Must have the ability and effectiveness to work well in a fast paced and multitasking environment.

• Demonstrate problem solving skills to complete assigned tasks.

• Requires the ability to stoop, squat, carry, push and lift to 30 pounds. 

How to Apply / Contact

Applicants must complete a job application on site and bring a resume to:

Intercultural Senior Center

5545 Center Street

Omaha, NE 68106