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When You Love the Organization but Not the Leadership

It is famously hard to know how to intervene in an organization whose longtime leadership apparently does not embody, and may even violate, the mission. Letting serious issues simmer is never good governance, but when fear of bad publicity and the discomfort of straining relationships overrides transparency, nonprofit boards trade a chosen course of inaction now for a burning platform later.

All organizations have flaws, and even the best leaders need to be challenged. The question isn’t whether nonprofit boards will face these challenges, but when, and how they will respond when the moment comes. Choosing to keep a situation quiet may work in the short term, but keeping Pandora’s box sealed forever is seldom possible. Once it’s opened, problems that have been ignored will worsen. Taking on issues aggressively and transparently isn’t easy, but it offers real solutions rather than Band-Aids.

Read the entire Nonprofit Quarterly article here.

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See the Change in the Kearney Area...

-Last year, the Minden Senior Center served over 7,418 meals and provided services to 227 unduplicated seniors.
4,111 individuals received food assistance through our CSC’s, WIC, CSFP, and the RAFT program.
-Over 670 people were served 3,043 food packages through the CSFP program last year; a majority of those were elderly citizens.
-Compassionate Connections provides services to helps to keep seniors living at home which saves them, their families and our community approximately $448,000 a year.
-In the Kearney area, 996 individuals in 435 households were housed or remained housed with the assistance of the Homeless Prevention program.
-129 families were assisted by the Jubilee Center with rent/utility assistance or small medical needs.
-In the past year, 64 percent of the RAFT program residents were survivors of domestic abuse and become homeless because of their situation; 78 percent of those residents did not return to an abusive life and became independent.

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