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 Human Resources Management Series

Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results. Nonprofit organizations should exercise fair and equitable human resource practices that attract and retain qualified individuals. Nonprofits have an obligation to adhere to all legal employment requirements and to provide a safe work environment. Nonprofit organizations should establish specific policies and practices that promote mutual cooperation to advance the organization’s interests, and that reflect appropriate industry standards for remuneration.

 Upcoming Trainings

Employee Onboarding

You’ve made a great hiring decision and now it’s time to bring a new person into your organization’s fold. This workshop will examine best practices for ensuring a successful start for your new employee.

 When: Monday, Sept. 26th, 10 - 11 AM  Location: Webinar

Formal Coaching, Documentation, Performance Reviews and Disciplinary Action

How do you ensure employees are doing their best work? Formal employee appraisals are only a small part of the incentive to increase performance. Performance management is an everyday process and the biggest part of a manager's job in meeting the organization's goals.

 When: Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 10 - 11 AM  Location: Webinar

To Be Offered Winter/Spring 2017 


 Stay tuned for HR trainings on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Behavioral Interviewing and Hiring
  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Retaining Employees Through Great Management
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Escape from Meeting Hell
  • Sexual Harassment