Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Why Join NAM?

A. Top 5 reasons:

  1. Save time and money with our group benefits, tools and trainings. 
  2. Strengthen your organization by taking advantage of training and education for board, staff and volunteers.  Join our CEO & HR affinity groups that provide a wonderful support network and allows you to discuss, brainstorm and problem solve different topics with peers.
  3. Connect with other nonprofit leaders for networking and collaboration. Meet our Business Members who provide products and services to NAM members at a discount to help you achieve your mission.
  4. Advocate for your nonprofit and to strengthen the collective voice, leadership and capacity of nonprofit organizations.
  5. Commit to being part of the change, to making our communities in Nebraska & Western Iowa vibrant and prosperous for all.

Interested in hearing more? Contact our Membership Manager, Kelly Koepsell at or call 402-557-5800 

Q. How can I pay my dues or invoice online?

A. Click here for a quick guide on how to view and pay your dues and invoices via our secure online system. 


Q. What is your payment and cancellation policy?

A.  To ensure maximum member benefit, please log in prior to registering.  This is the only way to ensure you receive member pricing.  Partial refunds requested on events or training due to failure to log in will not be honored.

  • Payment is required at the time of registration.
  • All "Bill Me" purchases require additional contact information to ensure prompt payment of the invoice. 
  • Payment for all "Bill Me" purchases is required not later than ten days after registering for the event, unless specified in the registration form).
  • Admission to the purchased event or training is for the person stated on the purchase form.
  • Ticket refunds will be given for valid reasons up to four business days prior to the event.  Refunds will be given in the most feasible method determined by NAM staff. 
  • Before 24 hours prior to the event, a name substitution may be made by the purchasing organization.  A refund may be given but will be subject to cancellation fee of ten percent of the event price.
  • After 24 hours prior to the event, no refund will be given but name substitutions may be made.
  • For purchases involving intellectual property, no refund will be given if the download link email has left our system.
  • In the event a member's invoice remains unpaid for ten business days beyond the event, member benefits will be suspended.
  • If a member's invoice remains unpaid for sixty days after the due date, member benefits will be terminated.  The member may be reinstated by paying the amount due, and any unpaid membership dues. 
  • Non-member invoices that remain unpaid ten days after due date may be referred for collection.  Collection costs will be billed to the person or organization who created the obligation.

Q. Who can join the Association?

A. Any organization, person or business can join the association.  Our different membership categories are below.

  • Nonprofits/foundation/government agencies may join the Association to get all the member benefits listed here
  • Individual's may join the Association in three ways:

If you are associated with a nonprofit that is an Association member (staff, board or key volunteer), you may register as a Nonprofit Staff Member to get all the benefits listed above.

If you are a Student, you may join as a Student Member to get student-level benefits.

If you would like to support our nonprofit capacity building efforts, please consider joining the Association as a sustaining member.

  • If you represent a business that is dedicated to the success of nonprofits, please consider joining as a Business Partner.  Partnership benefits are listed here.

You may join the Association at our Join Now page.

Q. Can multiple staff members, our board and other volunteers have access to the NAM website?

A.  Absolutely! The Master Account holder (typically the CEO or Director) needs to log in to their NAM profile and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Manage Profile' page (right side-bar)
  2. Click on 'Information & Settings' you should see ‘sub-accounts’.
  3. Click on that and copy the direct link that is provided. This is unique to your organization and can be shared with staff, board members & volunteers so they can create their own profile and take advantage of all that NAM has to offer.
  4. A handy guide is located here


Q. How can NAM help promote my nonprofit's events?

A.  By adding your event to our Community Calendar. Please email the following information.

  • Subject line: EVENT: title
  • Date, time, location (full address please!) & a short blurb on the event
  • Contact person & website information
  • Copy of your logo


Q. How do I post job opportunities on the NAM Career Center?

A.  Members can add as many job postings as they’d like. To do this just follow these steps:

  • Log in to 
  • Click on "Career Center” which is located on the main menu bar then click on "submit an opening” which is located at the top of the page and follow the directions.  
  • Not Yet a NAM member? You can purchase a career post.


Q. How do I delete a job post?

A.  It’s Easy! Just login to your account. Click on ‘Manage Profile’ scroll down and click on ‘Career Postings’ and all your job posts will appear. A green circle means it’s active, click the paper tool to edit the post and click the trash can to delete the post. Done!


Q.  How do I access groups through the NAM website?

A. To access groups on our site, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the NAM website.
  • If you haven’t created a profile, please do so by going to our website and ‘registering’.  If you work for a nonprofit who is a NAM member please select the ‘Nonprofit Staff Member’ option. 
  • Navigate to the right sidebar, scroll down to Groups.
  • A list of Groups will populate. Scroll down to the group you wish to view.


Q. How do I access documents in a NAM group?

A.  To view documents first log in to your NAM account and navigate to groups. Click on "Group Pages” in the top left hand corner of the group page. You will then see a list of different group documents. Choose the list of documents you’d like to view.


Q. I am interested in reserving the NAM conference room. How do I do this?

A.  Click here.


Q. I received an automated message saying, "You have a new message in your Message Center Inbox”.  How do I access this message?

A.  Log in to and click on Messages (right side bar) to see your message center. 


Q. How do I renew my membership online?

A.  Log in to and click on 'Manage Profile'. Scroll down to Account History and click on 'Membership'.  Here you will see your membership status, when your membership expires and an option to renew your membership. You can either send in a check or pay with your credit card.


Q. How do I access your Online Store?

A.  All our event tickets, downloads and services are available.  Click here! 


Q. I'd like to be added to the NAM mailing list. Where do I sign up?

A.  Here!


Q. Where can I access past invoices?

A.  Login to your account, click on "Manage Profile", click "Invoices",  select either store events or dues, and change the filter to "any status"


Q. What is NAM's Community Calendar event posting policy?

A. Postings are free for all NAM Members (regardless of type) and government agencies.  Fundraising events may not be posted on this calendar.

NAM reserves the right to remove postings. If your event posting is removed, you may contact NAM to determine the reason for removal.

This calendar is for Nebraska and western Iowa events only.  Our definition of "event" means it's held at a physical location or an online educational webinar. "Deadlines" (without an attached event at a physical location) are not considered an "event" for this calendar, for example.  Fundraising events, for members or nonmembers will not be posted on this calendar.

Please do not post commercial or public events where the nonprofit community is not the majority in attendance.

We will not give away or sell your personal information to anyone without your permission.  We don't sell lists as a general practice, but we do sometimes provide anonymous data to funders and our partners, such as number of website visitors, number of page views, number of nonprofits who use our service, etc. We might also add you to our mailing lists, but there will always be an Opt-Out link at the bottom of each email.

Web crawlers will pick up your email address, website address and other information posted to the calendar. Anything posted on the calendar will be considered "public" information.