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The managed IT solution for nonprofits

This benefits is for NAM members only. 

As you know, the Nonprofit Associations of the Midlands mission is to strengthen the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofit organizations to enrich the quality of life in our communities. We also realize the more successful you are, as our valued member, the more successful we all are. NAM has a number of trusted partners that keep you focused on your organization – putting you in a position to win.


Today’s technological world can be complicated. Backups, disaster recovery, security, email, mobile technology and cloud technology are all time consuming, expensive initiatives.


Are you secure?

·        Cyber-attacks are up 300% this year in the small business marketplace

·        The average loss from a successful phishing attack is $21,345

·        22% of small businesses will encounter a technological disaster. Causes can range from hardware crashes to natural disasters

·        43% of backups are corrupt and, therefore, useless

·        72% of small businesses don’t employ professional IT support, resulting in inconsistencies and inefficiencies

·        Are your software licenses up-to-date? Microsoft audits are up to 67% and they are serious!


Professional support means professional results AND more time to do what you do best!  To enroll in this problem ending solution, call Phil Lieber at P&L Technology today.  This benefit is for current NAM members only.