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Tuesday, September 22, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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B = Begin:  In order to do anything in life there must be a starting point, a passion, a plan and idea that makes a person move towards the goals and dreams that they wish to enjoy.

R = Reinforcement:  Information that continually is being used to strengthen the result of the outcome.

A = Accountability:  Peer group learning and holding each other accountable helps everyone see why it is important to work together.

I = Ingenuity:  In order to make it in the 21st century a creative mind is a valuable mind.

N = Networking:  The ability to learn from other people increases your chances of being successful.

T = Trust:  All things in life that are worth anything require this type of faith.

R = Resourcefulness:  The ability to cope with difficult situations is paramount to growth and being successful in life.

U = Usage:  Once a person learns a topic, it must be exercised or it will atrophy and die from non-use.

S = Saving:  Whether it is money or time the ability to fully understand this concept pays dividends later on in life.

T = Tenacity:  Persistent determination is the difference between a winner and a quitter.