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Pass the America Gives More Act

Friday, August 22, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kelly Koepsell
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Will You Help America Give More?

We don't often ask you to do more than read and reflect on the latest nonprofit trends, explore new resources, or respond to one of our polls in the sidebar. However, right now we could all make history together. We have the opportunity to ensure that nonprofits won't have  to ask Congress every year to extend charitable giving incentives that Congress has approved for the past decade. Just think - we could save all that time in the future, and use it to advance our missions!

The House of Representatives has already passed a bill that would unquestionably help nonprofits with more financial and in-kind resources; the Senate needs a push from all of us to take action. That is why we’re making one of those rare asks of you now – please help all nonprofits by writing your Senators (and talking to them while they are home for the August recess) and urging them to pass the America Gives More Act when they return to Washington in September. (Resources to help you reach out are included below.)

What the America Gives More Act does:

  • Allows donations made through April 15 to be eligible for deductions on the prior calendar year’s taxes – which can create an additional “giving season” for nonprofits around tax time, in addition to the holiday season;
  • Makes permanent the ability of individuals age 70½ and older to donate directly from individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to nonprofits;
  • Makes permanent and enhances incentives to donate nutritious food to food banks;
  • Makes permanent the incentive for donating conservation easements; and
  • Streamlines the excise tax for foundation investment income.

In other words, there's a lot to like about this law, which the House already passed in July, with strong bi-partisan support.

Senators are heading back to Washington soon from the annual summer recess. When they return there will be barely a dozen legislative days left in September before Congress adjourns again for the November elections. This means that the charitable nonprofit community needs to let Senators know right now that when they return to Washington the communities in their districts will be watching to see if they will act with compassion and pass the America Gives More Act.


That's why we're making a rare ask of you now: Will you help America give more?


Please join other nonprofit board members, staff members, and volunteers across America by delivering this simple message to your Senators: Don’t leave Washington in September until the Senate passes the America Gives More Act; our communities are counting on you.

  • Call your Senators’ local or Washington, DC offices (202-224-3121)
  • Text or Tweet your Senators
  • Write your Senators (see sample letter)

Learn more about the Act and what nonprofits can do to help.