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3RD Degree Screening Offers Special Discounts to NAM Members

Monday, March 24, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erika Conces
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3RD Degree Screening Offers Special Discounts to NAM Members


Portion of Proceeds of Background Screenings to Benefit NAM Programs


For nonprofit organizations, hiring the right employees and attracting the right volunteers can make all the difference in effectively pursuing and accomplishing important goals and missions. Conducting comprehensive background screenings of employees and volunteers is an important part of finding the right people for your organization.


3RD Degree Screening is a business member of the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM). 3RD Degree Screening provides an array of screening services to suit the unique needs of any kind of organization. 3RD Degree Screening is offering NAM clients a choice of two innovative background screening packages, a system and solutions that significantly streamline the entire screening process, resulting in time savings for their staff as well as enhancing the process for applicants and volunteers. Since 1996, 3RD Degree Screening has provided in-depth criminal court research to a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and government contractors.


Because of tight budgets, many organizations often turn to instant screening websites for background checks of their applicants. However, instant screening websites provide only limited information about an individual’s personal history, and organizations that opt to rely on those websites risk being held liable for negligence.  Through its comprehensive screening services, 3RD Degree Screening protects its clients from the legal liabilities of improper hiring so that they can focus on accomplishing their goals without interruption.


Our years of experience in working with all sides of the industry have allowed us to craft a unique business model that accomplishes two goals:


• Satisfy the Unique Needs of Our Clients

• Satisfy the Unique Needs of Your Applicants


"I cant tell you how much I appreciate you doing more than just checking backgrounds-  you are helping us improve the lives of others!"

Cherish Johnette 

YMCA of Greater Omaha


As you can see 3rd Degree’s way of doing business makes a real difference.


When a NAM member organization conducts background checks using 3RD Degree Screening, 3RD Degree Screening will donate 15 percent of the profits back to NAM to support its mission of serving nonprofits throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa.


For more information about the 3RD Degree Screening, watch our web brochure or visit To learn more about the NAM Partnership program call 712-256-1701.